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【SACOSDING】Sport Smart Watch Men Women NFC GPS Tracker AMOLED Screen Blood Sugar Smart Watces Bluetooth Call Watch 4 Pro For Huawei Xiaomi

【SACOSDING】Sport Smart Watch Men Women NFC GPS Tracker AMOLED Screen Blood Sugar Smart Watces Bluetooth Call Watch 4 Pro For Huawei Xiaomi

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Reasons to buy

1.Bluetooth call
2.HD big screen
3.Multiple sports modes
4.Health monitoring
5.Smart NFC
6.IP68 waterproof
7.30 days long battery life
8.Five menu modes


1.Watch language:

1. English, 2. Russian, 3. Spanish, 4. German, 5. Italian, 6. French, 7. Portuguese, 8. Turkish language, 9. Japanese, 10. Hebrew language, 11. Czech language, 12. Arabic, 13. Korean, 14. Persian language

2.Smart Health Sports Watch

Bluetooth call I 1.6-inch large screen I Health monitoring I Music control Women's menstrual cycle I Language assistant | NFC I Multiple sports I Wireless charging Massive dial I bedside lamp I IP68 waterproof I Dynamic Island I Bluetooth one button connection.

3.Fashion design. Exquisite craftsmanship

Meet the modern fashicn man's choice.

4.Bluetooth call Synchronize mobile phone frequently used contacts

It adopts high- fidelity waterproof speakers, Bluetooth hands free calls, and shows HD original sound. Whether it is sports or driving, when a mobile phone calls, it will be pushed to the watch in time to answer with one button, freeing hands and making communication more free.

5.HD big screen Always show wonderful

1.6-inch HD large color screen, narrow frame and comfortable screen resolution, seamless,every touch, smooth travel with strength to conquer your aesthetics and bring you a different visual experience.

6.Spin button Easy Control Interface

Simelity cumbersome operation and make the Interaction simple and natural Ewery rotation can fit the deep wibration feedback so that your experience can be greatly improved.

7.Bluetooth music sync phone lyrics

After connecting the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, you can quickly control the playback and pause on the watch, and cooperate with the high-fidelity speaker to bring you a different auditory feast.

8.A variety of exquisite dials Each one for you

There are a variety of exquisite dials in the dial market to meet your ever-changing styles.Match different dials for different occasions, anid switch as you like,making you unique every moment.

9.Sports Health Start a new way of exercise

Rekindle the health power on your wrist.

10.IP68 waterproof The new upgrade is stronger

IP68 waterproof and dustproof, when washing hands, the watch can also be used normally in rainy days. With its own drainage function, it is not afraid of challenges.

11.Bedside lamp mode Gravity sensor

The horizontal and vertical screens can be switched automatically, and the charging always on mode is not dazzing. Say goodbye to bedside groping at night.

12.Dynamic Island Function Mobilize as you like

Smart displays that support music, timing, and charging, and more functional interactive displays will be provided in subsequent OTA upgrades.

13.Health housekeeper Guard body and mind

Monitor health around the clock Accurate mastery of data.

14.Protect your healthy sleep

Scientifically record the complete sleep structure, monitor the sleep quality throughout the whole process, combine heart rate detection, sleep breathing, big data and other analysis to score the sleep quality and obtain better sleep quality.

15.AI intelligent voice

Al voice commands, you can open various applications through voice commands.

16.Powerful and multifunctional NFC Door access control unlocking is more convenient

When you get home, the watch can also unlock the door. Just lift the watch on your wrist and get close to the NFC door lock to quickly open the door.

17.30 days long standby Get rid of battery anxiety

Using a 300mAh battery to optimize the itelligent power saving algorithm,the battery life is strong and the battery life can last up to 30 days on a single charge,alleviating battery life anxiety. In a fully charged state, the battery life in typical scenarios can reach 5-7 days, and the battery life in heavy usage scenarios can reach 4-6 days, fully prepared for your every trip.

18.Smart travel Within reach

Put it on and go out, and you can check the notification information by raising your hand;tap the screen before going to work to quickly check the current weather conditions,calendar display, remote camera and other functions make it convenient for you to travel.

Compass:It is safer to travel with a compass in hand,and both calibration methods can show you the direction during the jourmey.
Off-screen pointer:Al-weather screen display, so that the time will never go out, bid farewell to blindness at night.
Altitude pressure :For those who indulge in outdoor adventure sports, a watch with an altitude barometer will make hiking easler.
GPS positioning:Supporting the world's three major saellite positioning systems is more conducive to tracking than a single GPS in challenging environments, bringing you fast positioning speed and pos tioning accuracy,

Q:How the watch links to the app
A:There is a QR code on the manual. The mobile phone needs to download the APP, and the mobile phone has the positioning function turned on.Open Bluetooth connected watch in APP
Q:Does the watch have a call alert Information reminder?
A: After the watch is linked to the mobile APP,The watch has information reminder, call reminder
Q:Is the watch waterproof?
A:Professional waterproof(Please do not put in hot water Please don't bring your watch diving)
Q: Is the watch warranty?
A:1 years warranty on the watch
Q:After payment Will ship in a few days
A:Ships in 14 days
Q:Buy a watch with a charger it?
A:With charger
Q: How much does it cost to ship to my country?
A: free shipping
Q: Is there any tracking Number for my item?
A: Yes, we ship every order with their Tracking Number, and you can view the shipment status on the corresponding website.
Q:Does your store support direct sales? (wholesale)
A:This store supports wholesale

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